Update of 7/2020 – Welcome to random observations of an individual with mental health (anxiety, depression, and ocd), sleep apnea, and thyroid. All while striving to interact with the world around me in a positive manner and personal success.

Random Observations of an Hourly Worker, Saving Money, and Living Life Well With Depression and Anxiety.

Welcome to the internal ramblings of an American Citizen of the Midwest (since 1998) and prior New England (1970 to 1998).  Currently the things that drive me are the…

  • Living Well with Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Apnea, and Thyroid.
  • Emotional and internal thoughts of hourly workers in the retail field and how we are perceived or treated by those outside of the retail industry.
  • How to save money, eat healthy, in this ever expensive and knowledge saturated world just so an individual says they make ex amount of money or we should eat a certain way.
  • Being a Mom and Wife that is supportive, firm, and loving.
  • Finally, how to live well according to the Faith I have chosen to live not what the world and society perceive religion is.

Life is an amazing journey ever evolving and opening new avenues of adventure and new knowledge to integrate or remove from one’s life.  Join me as I present my perception of living in the corporate structure of American life where I feel like a Minion (first seen in Despicable Me, Illumination Entertainment, http://m.imdb.com/title/tt1323594/?ref_=m_ttfc_tt).  Minion is a worker drone with a perceived no mind just the ability to do.  May these random thoughts find others of like mind and a community of support can be developed as we strive to earn a living for our families without our work stressing us into ill health.  Look forward to seeing how and where the world will take this endeavor.

Update of April 2020 have been able to have more time to concentrate on this and am working also on living with Depression and Anxiety. Not all aspects of life are perfect but we can only try.

These pages will present my perception on working as a retail hourly employee. Truly if one is an hourly or salaried position in any field some of the frustration is the same just from a different perception.  For retail it is the frustration of customer’s attitude toward myself or co-workers that we are not smart because we work retail.  Other dynamics is that fits everyone is how much work is expected and there is not enough time in the day.  Note, please my observations are based on current retail I completely understand that the office worker, medical worker, and all the hourly workers have frustrations and concerns some may even be the same feel free to comment and vent as well on this page.  Just I cannot speak to those fields because I do not have or ten-year-old experience.  Readers are more than welcome to present observations from your work perspective they probably match or are worse.  This blog allows me to speak my observations, concerns, and frustrations for those that may or see the same thing.

Food Shopping ideas in eating healthy and why it is cheaper or healthier to purchase the basic supplies instead of box mixes or meals.  When possible present a cost comparison between box to scratch cooking and the recipe used for the scratch cooking.  How to still save money when the family does not eat following a menu.  Information presented are thoughts and ideas that I have or have researched (tried).  The research will be presented and expand based on my perception of what it means.

Faith for me is an ever evolving research and trying to integrate this information into my daily life and small group studies I participate in.  The small group studies will be posted based on the book or topic being studied by the group.  Additionally, those watching the group I participate in goes two pages at a time instead of just a chapter allowing us to delve deeper and verse comparison through the study.  Join us on this journey of discovery of being a woman of Faith.

Please be aware that this is not a forum I am fully aware of and gaining the maximum potential at this time I am research and expanding my knowledge.  As the days and months progress my knowledge and skill will improve so please hang in during the learning curve. (5/3/2016)  Follow up took a break and restarted in 4/2020. Thank you, epb.


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