Journey of Self, Home, and Employment

As life moves forward, backward, or stalled, our lives can be a cornucopia of family, drama, culture, social, economic, employment, career, physical health, mental health, and any other variety that is living. Striving to live or move forward in this ever-changing abundance can seem to be smooth or a struggle during this personal journey.

Moving Forward…

Moving forward, when the mind is clouded, my mental health concerns seem challenging and frustrating—writing in a point of severe agitation, distracted thinking, increased anxiety, and just plain lethargy.

Random Observation in This Time of Change

This feeling of overwhelm is where this post is coming from as I maintain a surface watch of the media’s presentation of our changing political landscape and how we have gone from words of hatred of the outgoing leadership and the great and glorious saving of the incoming administration. I struggle with the many euphoric expectations of the media.


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About Me

Welcome to Random Observations of an individual with mental health (anxiety, depression, and OCD), sleep apnea, and thyroid. All while striving to interact with the world around me in a positive manner and personal success.

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