Retail Holiday Rant

Working retail during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas always makes me question why I enjoy my job. One to two weeks before Thanksgiving, a portion of our customers increase in being mean and unforgiving of the slightest infraction.

Looking Around at the Holidays and Future?

Where do we go from here during this time of change and the upcoming Holidays about family and gifts? Personally have reached a limit on the phrase of ‘return to normal.’ We are not going to return to what once was. Previous outbreaks have brought change to how civilizations and cultures live. Where does this leave an individual with mental health when surrounded by so much negativity?

Why Are We So Angry At Each Other?

Was going to title the 2020 US Civil War? In a moment of depression, but did not want to get anyone thinking I was advocating such action. The US Civil War idea came to me as I was looking at the CNN Politics monitoring of votes counted during the election week.


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Welcome to Random Observations of an individual with mental health (anxiety, depression, and OCD), sleep apnea, and thyroid. All while striving to interact with the world around me in a positive manner and personal success.

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