I was thinking over personal Perception and Public Perception. As I have found, both aspects are from the contemplative mood when writing about my life Journey with Family and Employment—trying to find a good way around my work journey. Saw myself stating aloud, ‘I Hate my Brain,’ which moved me to think about all of the canceled culture’s arguments and how destructive. Why do I even consider the views? It is not an aspect of culture that impacts my life. On a trim level, due to the nature of the store I work in, we are set in an area of low-income individuals and families with different levels of substance abuse, physical health, and mental health that impact their interaction with others. Many co-workers perceive everyone as ‘druggies,’ ‘thieves, or ‘stupid.’ I strive to look at as individuals we all are in situations that were either by our own choices or placed in positions, not by our options. They are trying to live in this world the best they can. Each person has a story and struggles the best they can with the mental or physical health journey and their Perception of life journey.  

Just as in the following piece from CBS Sunday Morning, there is a reminder of the different histories and reactions to various artists’ cancel culture. Found this very contemplative in choosing to interact with those around me what I watch or see in a public place as an individual. Loretta Loss speaks of the two-edge sword of accountability and criticism, whereas Aruna DeSuza feels this level of responsibility is positive. Richard Kenya came with the Perception that knowing the creator’s background also gave context to their creative work. The piece came as a beautiful range of how all individuals look at life. So it is up to me how I take the context of the individual or situations around me in determining my Perception of interacting with life around me. All I can do is interact as best I can with the direct one-on-one and more comprehensive picture of life’s journey.

CBS Sunday Morning – Cancelled Culture: Reconsidering the art of controversial artists 3/28/2021

Perception of the larger picture of the world is aware and determines if it impacts your life; it does not, then do not worry about it, not a context you can fix. Does still leaves me on an interconnected level, to ‘Hating my Brain’ that comes from a deep level of physical and emotional pain during this current life journey. Employment acceptance outside the Perception of retail work is for stupid people took me a long time to accept that I enjoy retail and that instant quick gratification of helping an individual’s need. But between the retail and the home health, I physically, in the last two weeks, reached a point of not being able to do the work due to shift in the spine, pulled muscle, and pinched nerves. How do you move forward when you have a job you love that you had figured out how to transition to something similar but had a financial plan to work the new opportunity and retail for a little bit? After trying to leave the Home Health field, except only one other individual is caring for an individual who needs twenty-four-hour care. None of this seems to be working as planned. Which starts that downward spiral, thinking of I am ‘stupid’ and ‘worthless’ that my mental health is quick to pursue with abandonment. Conclusion perception as individuals, we are responsible for how we see our life and the lives of those around us based on our culture and position in the fiscal society. 

The health and wellness of others is the aspect that I struggle with the most how does an individual with high empathy move and work through life. Strive to accept what can and cannot be accomplished in the here, now, or future. Below is a son’s story and how he has chosen to help his mom live and fight bladder cancer. So the Perception I took from this is as an individual is we can help where we can. The son can go that extra step to love and give to his mom in all ways. The people around him helped in small ways, which leaves me with the positive aspect of still moving forward with my plan but reshaped.

CBS Sunday Morning – Serving up love for Mom 3/28/2021

Reshaping of the Perception of living well. Home Health is continuing to assist the individual where I physically can and accept when I cannot do the work that I once was able to and leave once more care which the individual keeps searching. Retail is going as soon as my replacement is hired, which is earlier than financially planned. Move forward faster with the replacement work. Reshaping and reworking the situation around the mental health or physical health aspect put forth is OK; keep working and moving forward. All things are doable; we sometimes need to stay still for a moment to accept that plans change, whether through circumstances out of our control or just a realization that we change as we journey forward during this life we live. I came across the following from Jim Gaffigan that reinforced that as humans, our Perception of what we once knew can change as we look at it differently. His life perception change was hiking. What will your change in Perception be that will help your journey move forward, backward, or step off the path for a moment and collect yourself in a place of serenity?

 CBS Sunday Morning – Jim Gaffigan: Take a hike! 3/28/2021

Living life is all about the Perception of how we see and interact with those around us. Mental Health can discolor with the excellent and lousy lens of negativity. What is essential is to keep moving forward. There are days or hours that there will be tears that no one understands why but you. Let’s keep moving from the bad days and see the good even when it is just a celebration that you made it out of bed and to work or care for whatever responsibilities you have. Wrap-up of Perception is a perspective from Chris Rock.

CBS Sunday Morning – Chris Rock: Truth, therapy, and punchlines – 1/3/2021

Chris Rock mentions the truth of self. We can keep fighting if we keep working on awareness of ourselves and how and where we are comfortable moving forward.

For a quick update from previous pieces I have mentioned the light therapy for healthy sunlight when non is available outside I am upto 45 to 60 minutes first thing in the morning also if I am in mid day between jobs I sit in front of it while I have a quick lunch for 15 to 20 minutes and my sleep has improved. The 15 to 20 minutes mid day I personally have found got me through the evening without relying on coffee which helps immensely. Additional sleep component is Chill from Four Sigmatic. Between my morning routine of the light and my evening routine of a cup of Chill has allowed me to sleep a solid 5 to 6 hours which is a vast improvement from my 3 to 5 hours.

Faith view of Perception and moving forward on this journey of self and personal journey of mental health. With self-improvement or acceptance that I am comfortable in myself and intersecting with others.

Hope Church, Brunswick, OH – March 28 Service – 9 am – Message starts at 33.15 with Bob Hershey, one of our Elders here at church. I almost did not listen because running is not something I can do right now, maybe never. May consider starting doing Run for God to work through where I think I am failing in learning and following Christ. I May not start running but use it in my daily walk with mental health. My mental health is a constant struggle that keeps moving forward just as you do in the running.

Thank you to all that read. As I move forward in this journey of life, I live thank you. For now, this journey will be reshaping this website to merge my interests of blogging about living my life with mental health, wife, mother, trying to be a Christ-follower, and new business of being a travel agent.  

Still not comfortable reading comments, which is hilarious because I will need to read comments on my Facebook page of travel.

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