Journey of Mother’s Day

FeaturedJourney of Mother’s Day

Over the years of writing my journey through Mother’s Day, I strive to be uplifting, but on a personal note, I just feel apathetic. Unsure if this apathy comes from my mental health or just where I am in my journey as a mom. Even though I am a mom it is not something that is celebrated in our home. The daughter is eighteen and has no place for me in her life unless she needs something. And my husband comes from the mindset that ‘you are not my mom’. Where am I on this journey?

Current journey on the subject of motherhood and Mother’s Day is that I will still keep striving to be a mom to my daughter even though I may never hear the words I love you or thank you. I feel pain and childishness even complaining because there are people in the world that do not have children and want them, have lost children, and so many more scenarios. With that and the decision to just live life caring for who I have around me and just not overthinking this apathy, I feel on this day of “celebration”. I leave you with these two videos of wishful thinking and acceptance that life is a journey that does not look the same as everyone else’s. The joy is finding peace on the side road that is Mother’s Day. Tomorrow is another day to live and move forward.

CBS Sunday Morning – Making Mom a Star 5-9-2021

Below is a video from 2015 but is what made me realize that all of our mom’s life journey is different. Celebrate where you are even if it may not look like another’s.

Home Free – Mom – (Mother’s Day) Home Free Cover – 4/29/2015

May this day find everyone well. 

Thank you to those who read and sorry for the delay it has been a long month. Mental Health is an ebb and flow of good days balanced with the bad.