Happy Mother’s Day?

Another year down and another year I contemplate the randomness and frustrated aspect of our society.  Mother’s Day is a day of revering and showing our love for Mom.  Over the week prior you get the famous question what are you doing for Mother’s Day?  For the week after what did you do for Mother’s Day?  Response I worked this year past years I have done yard work.  Then the response oh, you poor thing didn’t they take you out or wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, they should have.  Response nope not something we make a big deal about and try to leave it alone.  Yeah would I have liked to go out to eat yes but I can do that any day and do I want to eat with thousands of other people that are out doing the same thing, No.  Dining around large crowds of people that are tired and cranky because they do not want to be there and the children are misbehaving because they have been shifted out of their comfort zone does not make for a pleasant dining experience.

Does anyone stop to think that making a big deal of this day has repercussions for a wide variety of lives.  There’s women that have no children due to a wide variety of situations infertility, put up for adoption at an early age, lack of family, difficult relationships, self-centered family, never married, women in nursing home not visited, mom passed away, and many more.  People that financially cannot keep up with other’s spending on this day.  Another are mom’s that find this day stressful and wasteful having to please their direct mother’s expectations or their mother in-laws and their needs are trampled.  Most of all as a Mom should I not be respected and thanked throughout the year not just when the media reminds ‘you’ that you have a mother.  Unless you are a father with young kid’s the husband should not be required to do something for his wife that is what anniversaries are for to show thankfulness and love for each other this allows the husband to spend time with his mother.

Floral Department where I work is routinely busier day on Mother’s Day than Valentines.  But to do this they have to work twelve hour days for four days. Several of them are mom’s.  To put a perspective on the amount of people remembering Mother’s Day is staggering.  A second vehicle is rented and a department that normally has one to two staff daily had five to six staff for four days from 7 am to 10 pm.  All just to handle the work flow.

Here is my thought is instead of making a big deal of a made up day why don’t we thank our mom’s or help our mom’s in all they do daily.  If Mom likes flowers pick up one or two of her favorite on any old day and give them to her and say thank you.  Stop by her house or if still at home do a project that she daily does before she does or she asks you to.  Pop over and ask her to lunch or if she works make arrangements with her boss to take her to a long lunch on any of the three hundred sixty-four days of the year.  Mothers are always here let’s strive to respect and love as a constant not a once a year event.

So, what did you do this Mother’s Day? Opps, let’s try this again what are your ideas for randomly offering thanks to your Mom without prompting?

THANK YOU to all those that worked up to and during the chaos of Mother’s Day.

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