Work are we not all the same?

Recently started a new job in a different ‘industry’, what I am finding reinforced is that no matter the industry; Employees/Co-workers are all the same it is just their knowledge or education base that is different.

Employees styles…

  • Apathy to co-workers and those that services need to be rendered.
  • Happy Hour work is just another venue of socialization. Clicks that take a perceived slight and it becomes truth about a co-worker.
  • Miss the mark person who tries to find a balance between apathetic and star employee, so least amount of work can be achieved and lowest attention from supervisor.
  • Hard worker with price tags will do the work but need to constantly bring attention to the fact that they are or spend a lot of time complaining about the prior three.
  • Unsung employee of the month worker that just comes in does their job to a 100% plus of their ability and ends up carrying the area of their responsibility. (star employee)

Additional to the employee similarity work stressors are the same just a different trigger viewpoint or label.  What struck me is that in shifting from one industry to another there is no respect between other industries.  When trying to contribute to a conversation several times and trying to show this correlation.  One comment made was that you would not understand till you are here longer.   But yes I do but no matter where you are the above co-workers are there and the people you provided services to are there they just have different labels. There is an invasive sense of we are the only ones that can do our jobs we have worked this industry for years or 4 plus years of education, we are better than other industries.  Additionally, there are individuals with the ability to do a job without a degree they have years of experience using that knowledge (i.e.: secretary or bookkeeper may know as much as an accountant, cashier may no more than a manager, or the STNA may know equal to an LPN).

Work stressors….

  • Want the caller, patient, customer, co-worker, etc. that wants what they want and will not take anything else and will have a physical or verbal tantrum to achieve their desires. Even when through distress their desires are provided for company or individual is bad mothed to a supervisor or social media.
  • Unrealistic caller, patient, and etc. read an article ten years ago, blog that morning, or heard from a friend; expects things like what was read or heard and real world does not match up they do not accept that. Report to a supervisor or social media without explaining the other side of the issue.
  • Easy after the other two this is the one that reminds you why you enjoy your job no matter the label. Simple and to the point of need that is within the parameters of providing employee job description leaves with a thank you or just stays or does what is said.


What can supervisors, managers, leads, heads, executives, and etc. do to motivate employees to give a hundred percent daily (yes we all have bad days), there is no incentive to do your best when you are understaffed and removing the apathetic and the Happy Hour crowd is difficult or impossible?

As people of the world what can we do to change our attitude that is some respects we are all the same we are providing services be they to a customer on the phone, children in the classroom, patient in a room, client, and etc. work and life is similar just with a different label.  There will be a difficult employee, co-worker, client, patient, customer, and etc.  We all live in this world lets strive to respect the individual action or service provided we are all minions of the employment wheel of life.

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