Observation as I was watching one of the many prescription ads found in all forms of media. Again I mention the side effects make you question if taking the medication is worse than treating. Nevermind, does anyone research what happens when you are taking multiple prescriptions? Do they interact in a way that is worse than intended? Just things I think about when trying to figure out why I make limited progress managing my thyroid, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sleep apnea, and several stomach issues. It does not always work, and I have tremendous success and failure with monitoring my emotional eating, vitamins, and mental health challenges as a whole instead of segmented. But it is a tightrope I would like to have steady, not blowing in the winds of change.

What got me chuckling was thinking far in the future about archaeologists, anthropologists, and other aspects of historians, reviewing tapes of our culture. I can picture it now. The professionals or commentators are going to think we were a bunch of hypochondriacs. We also treat our bodies as if it lived in pieces, not as a whole.

Just a random observation of the life we live right now. Experience and information are ever-changing, accepting, and moving forward is worth the challenge to find your comfort level and place in this amazing world we call home. We are all different in experiences, opinions, religion, faith, education, perception, and health concerns. Striving to live and accept these differences with all is a blessing untold in being at peace instead of conflict.

A couple of ads that personally leave me chuckling, puzzled, and scared for our future overall health, another one that showed natural remedies and medical suggestions.

NEI Psychopharm – Side Effects Commercial – someone has already put together a YouTube presenting the humorous but scary side effects.

CBS New York – Age-Old Remedy Could Spell Relief for IBS – News Article – For me, I found this style of treatment seems to help better than the prescription. But I also drastically changed my diet. Change in diet came after a year of monitoring the foods eaten and the symptoms they triggered.

Trulicity Commercial – The symptoms list is what is scary to me. Some of the symptoms are Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Which means one will probably take another medication for IBS.  

Abilify Antidepressant Add On Treatment – Again, the treatments’ side effects make me concerned, and they do not push too much about seeing a professional assist with depression.  

There are so many, and we see them, just a random observation from a mind that is continuously striving to improve my health.

In looking for these ads, I did find the next piece about why antidepressants and mood stabilizers trigger weight gain. Found it interesting but unsure what to personally change because many of what she suggested, in the end, were aspects that I am not comfortable trying.

Dr. Tracey Marks – Why do you gain weight with antidepressants and mood stabilizers?

Hope this finds everyone well and managing the life changes this pandemic has brought both good and bad.

Side note (September 2020) will post my weekly reviews. My anxiety and depression have not been beneficial to my motivation and energy for September.

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