Humorous Consequences of Reading Health Articles came from reading the information below. The material is about whether regular water versus seltzer is equally hydrating.  Is Seltzer Water Just As Hydrating As Regular Water?  Everything you need to know about your favorite fizzy drink. Written for Food Network by Emily Shiffer.  I found this a funny but frustrating article because I had to apologize to my daughter. I am continually asking her to drink more water because she was drinking a lot of seltzer. After all, I thought regular water is better than seltzer.  

Coming to find out from this article is that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found there is no difference in hydration between the two types of water. In our home, that is great because seltzer is what both my husband and daughter drink in abundance. It has always been a point of worry for me that they were not getting enough water. Knowing there is no difference is terrific since I finally broke down and invested in a Soda Stream System last month. For those interested after Emily’s article is a link and my observations on the Soda Stream.

Another humorous component is that no one has a clear cut idea of how much water we are supposed to drink. The article did mention The Institute of Medicine’s recommended amounts had men at 13 cups and women at 9 cups. One of the reasons for no precise numbers agreed on is what an individual does in a day, and body weight impacts the amount of water a body needs.  

So my chuckle for the day was that I had to apologize to my eighteen-year-old daughter. That drinking the seltzer is okay in place of water. Of course, given her current attitude, I have probably made a mistake that will haunt me until God calls me home to heaven. Live and learn when you are a mom with a teenager that sees all and knows all. I am unsure how that happens since they are only a quarter of the way through life? Will pursue mind-bending thought at another time.  

Enjoy this interesting short article about the benefits and the debunking of perceived information about seltzer water.

Is Seltzer Water Just As Hydrating As Regular Water? by Emily Shiffer

SodaStream Main Site, Our family, has had the Soda Stream since 6/18/2020 and uses it at least eight to ten times a day. I have not changed the CO2 canister yet, did order one as a backup. There are a variety of ways to exchange cartridges. I have not decided if I am going through Bed Bath and Beyond because I am a member and get a discount or use the SodaStream or Amazon auto exchange.  Undecided at this time.

One of the reasons for purchasing and investing in a SodaStream, we go through two sometimes three cases of twelve cans weekly. In this day in age, with shortages and unstable shipping internationally. I thought it might be useful to find an alternative for my family’s seltzer water drinking before it became a family crisis. Also, maybe reduce a little of our contribution to the landfills.

The one we bought Aqua Fizz Premium purchased through Amazon.  Only because, at the time of purchase, they had a better price. The reason for purchasing the most expensive style was I like the glass bottle. Additionally, my thought was they would have a higher chance of not exploding while filling. (Note: have not run across any articles saying that just my anxiety taking me on a trip.)  The dispenser fully encloses the container if there is an actual problem. The company suggests that one should refrigerate the water before carbonating.  Which is a benefit with the glass because the water is colder and the glasses bottles are pretty. We did buy two extra bottles, which are probably not needed for most people, but I have two heavy seltzer water drinkers.

We do not purchase the syrups; they drink it plain, make syrup, or buy a cheap syrup. My daughter enjoyed a peach syrup we had initially bought for putting on ice cream or pancakes. Another reasonable syrup idea is a Koolaid packet stirred into a sugar syrup. Sugar syrup is 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar heat till sugar dissolved, turn off the heat empty Koolaid (any brand is excellent) into water sugar mix and stir till fully dissolved. Needs to be cooled then put in a jar use as desired cannot tell you how long this lasts because we end up remaking a new flavor within five to six days. Fruit juice is another excellent alternative for flavoring, have found my daughter drinks more fruit juice with the seltzer then before.

So I have to confess I did lie about not using the SodaStream I have a couple of times used to make myself a wine spritzer. For me, a wine spritzer is just one to two ounces of wine, and six to eight ounces of seltzer water add ice and fresh fruit. There you have a light, refreshing mom drink. Do not do this often because I try not to keep the wine in the house due to family history and personal battles when super stressed. But I hate to waste stuff, so when a recipe calls for wine, I purchased the smallest bottle I can find. Then try to finish it by making a spritzer each night till wine is gone.

Aqua Fizz Premium

As you can see, it has been an exciting day in the family home. May the information about the SodaStream help someone. It took me about a year to decide to buy and wish I had made the decision earlier would have in the long haul saved a lot of money. I figure the initial investment will pay off in three to four months. Before the machine, I was spending ten to twenty dollars a week on seltzer cans.

Just a reminder terrible at reading comments due to anxiety. Do feel people have a right to express their views and ideas though so the comments section is open.

Side note our family has no connection to SodaStream, Amazon, or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Just companies we have purchased from. Figured I would offer my personal opinions, observations, and reasons.

Have a great day.

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