I took a walk at one of our local parks this Friday afternoon to film and share a small part of the natural beauty of the Cleveland Metroparks, this one being Hinckley Lake.  I learned, though, that my inexpensive camera not designed for walking.  Still want to show the beauty of Hinckley.  Here is from:

2019 New Day Cleveland, just showing all that Hinckley offered.

Hinckley Reservation – Cleveland Metroparks by New Day Cleveland

Ariel view of the lake by Xavier and Jordan in 2017

Hinckley Reservation – Xavier and Jordan

Here are some fall images by Tom Crane. These show some fantastic photos from the perspective of the nature trail around the lake.  Beautiful.

GoPro at Hinckley Lake 2014 –  Photos by Tom Crane

Northeast Ohio Hikes and Bikes filmed Worden’s Ledges, which is just one of the areas one can walk around Hinckley, Ohio. Not where I was, but I look forward to going there.  Enjoy this nature walk.

Hiking Worden’s Ledges | Hinckley Reservation | Cleveland Metroparks | Hinckley, OH – Northeast Ohio Hikes and Bikes

The goal is to film my stuff far into the future.  But at least here is a small piece of what Hinckley, Ohio has to offer.

Link to Cleveland Metroparks: Home

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