Father’s Day ?

In looking up Father’s Day this is what Wikipedia had…

Father’s Day

United States

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. The tradition was said to be started from a memorial service held for a large group of men who died in a mining accident in Monongah, West Virginia in 1907. It was first proposed by Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington in 1909. It is currently celebrated in the United States annually on the third Sunday in June.


Here we are another year gone and another year of hmm.  For our family we do not do anything unless I force the issue or my husband chooses to get together with his dad at the last minute. Unless I made the mistake of letting my anxiety get the better of me and trying to keep up with the ‘Jones’.  For me this thought is that I am a bad wife because I do not push the celebration of Father’s Day and I need to have something to talk about the day after. At work I listened to a variety of comments about what everyone’s plans for the day were.  Ran the gamut of nothing, yard work, grilling/BBQ, activity, or dinner out. What was interesting to me was like our house nothing was preferred from the perspective of the fathers it was the wives/girlfriends that were pushing the lets ‘get out and do something’.  So if a fair amount of men do not want to celebrate the day actively andjust stay home and relax.  Should we not look at why? Or is it an aspect that for many it is just another day.  If my children do not remember it then I did not do a good enough job (woman thinking) or is it just they truly just want to relax and not deal with anything.

Than if relaxing is the goal why are we treating Father’s Day as we do Mother’s Day?  Should the Father have the ultimate say on His day not what our perception as women think the day should be marked with?  Even our gift suggestions from companies reflect this separation.  Mother’s Day is about fancy dinners, jewelry, and flowers.  Father’s Day is power tools, yard tools, grills, etc.  Do we see the trend that dad’s just want to stay home not ‘fun’ but home?

Do we notice that the day was proposed by a woman?  Additionally, as with Mother’s Day there are Father’s through divorce, death, and health issues.

So next year do we strive to respect their wishes and not do anything or celebrate as we do Mother’s Day against what a portion of them want?  Just an observation to reflect and ponder before next year.

As always this is an individual’s observation and personal struggle of am I truly respecting my husband by doing nothing or pushing to do something I want to do that is expected.

Thank you for reading.

Work are we not all the same?

Recently started a new job in a different ‘industry’, what I am finding reinforced is that no matter the industry; Employees/Co-workers are all the same it is just their knowledge or education base that is different.

Employees styles…

  • Apathy to co-workers and those that services need to be rendered.
  • Happy Hour work is just another venue of socialization. Clicks that take a perceived slight and it becomes truth about a co-worker.
  • Miss the mark person who tries to find a balance between apathetic and star employee, so least amount of work can be achieved and lowest attention from supervisor.
  • Hard worker with price tags will do the work but need to constantly bring attention to the fact that they are or spend a lot of time complaining about the prior three.
  • Unsung employee of the month worker that just comes in does their job to a 100% plus of their ability and ends up carrying the area of their responsibility. (star employee)

Additional to the employee similarity work stressors are the same just a different trigger viewpoint or label.  What struck me is that in shifting from one industry to another there is no respect between other industries.  When trying to contribute to a conversation several times and trying to show this correlation.  One comment made was that you would not understand till you are here longer.   But yes I do but no matter where you are the above co-workers are there and the people you provided services to are there they just have different labels. There is an invasive sense of we are the only ones that can do our jobs we have worked this industry for years or 4 plus years of education, we are better than other industries.  Additionally, there are individuals with the ability to do a job without a degree they have years of experience using that knowledge (i.e.: secretary or bookkeeper may know as much as an accountant, cashier may no more than a manager, or the STNA may know equal to an LPN).

Work stressors….

  • Want the caller, patient, customer, co-worker, etc. that wants what they want and will not take anything else and will have a physical or verbal tantrum to achieve their desires. Even when through distress their desires are provided for company or individual is bad mothed to a supervisor or social media.
  • Unrealistic caller, patient, and etc. read an article ten years ago, blog that morning, or heard from a friend; expects things like what was read or heard and real world does not match up they do not accept that. Report to a supervisor or social media without explaining the other side of the issue.
  • Easy after the other two this is the one that reminds you why you enjoy your job no matter the label. Simple and to the point of need that is within the parameters of providing employee job description leaves with a thank you or just stays or does what is said.


What can supervisors, managers, leads, heads, executives, and etc. do to motivate employees to give a hundred percent daily (yes we all have bad days), there is no incentive to do your best when you are understaffed and removing the apathetic and the Happy Hour crowd is difficult or impossible?

As people of the world what can we do to change our attitude that is some respects we are all the same we are providing services be they to a customer on the phone, children in the classroom, patient in a room, client, and etc. work and life is similar just with a different label.  There will be a difficult employee, co-worker, client, patient, customer, and etc.  We all live in this world lets strive to respect the individual action or service provided we are all minions of the employment wheel of life.

Commercialism and Memorial Day…

Memorial Day really…

Noticed something at least in the town I live in only banks and post office was closed to celebrate Memorial Day.  I remember when stores if they were open at all were closed at 6 pm.  The two places I went to yesterday were open normal business hours and I know the company I work for was open normal business hours.  Additionally, the places I went to did not even need to go it was convenient to run out and buy take out then cook after doing yard work.  The two places were not even busy and I saw very few people out and about.  Never mind I remember there used to be a parade through town that took two hours now it was a half hour walk from a school to a cemetery.

So I guess my thoughts are trending this day toward if Memorial Day is in memory for the sacrifices our military and their families have made and are still making.  Should we not put aside the commercialism and need to cater to every individual whim and go back to limited company hours or heck close for the day.  If it was not for our military, we would not be a free nation and I would not even be able to write so freely. Limiting the hours allow us as a nation to go back to the purpose of the Day and support the military families in their time of grieving.    Make it a day of honor again instead of just another day off to have a cook out and lessen the celebration of beginning of summer.  Spending time with the families invite them to the cook out or go over to their homes and see if they need anything.  For those of a religious or faith based life choices take time to meditate and pray for our military and families.

Corporate world question is it really necessary to lessen the sacrifices our military men, women, and families make by being open.  For hospitals and nursing home I understand the need for them to be staffed but maybe to lessen hours of individual staff do a rotational five hour shift instead of and eight to ten-hour shift allowing people to contribute to this day as they see fit. I am just as guilty as others I did nothing to remember our service men, woman; which got me to thinking that there are choices that need to change come next year for me.

Observation on the table is what happened to remembering the sacrifices of our soldiers and also their families?

History of Memorial Day (taken from History channel)

Memorial Day, an American holiday observed on the last Monday of May, honors men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. Unofficially, at least, it marks the beginning of summer.


Happy Mother’s Day?

Another year down and another year I contemplate the randomness and frustrated aspect of our society.  Mother’s Day is a day of revering and showing our love for Mom.  Over the week prior you get the famous question what are you doing for Mother’s Day?  For the week after what did you do for Mother’s Day?  Response I worked this year past years I have done yard work.  Then the response oh, you poor thing didn’t they take you out or wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, they should have.  Response nope not something we make a big deal about and try to leave it alone.  Yeah would I have liked to go out to eat yes but I can do that any day and do I want to eat with thousands of other people that are out doing the same thing, No.  Dining around large crowds of people that are tired and cranky because they do not want to be there and the children are misbehaving because they have been shifted out of their comfort zone does not make for a pleasant dining experience.

Does anyone stop to think that making a big deal of this day has repercussions for a wide variety of lives.  There’s women that have no children due to a wide variety of situations infertility, put up for adoption at an early age, lack of family, difficult relationships, self-centered family, never married, women in nursing home not visited, mom passed away, and many more.  People that financially cannot keep up with other’s spending on this day.  Another are mom’s that find this day stressful and wasteful having to please their direct mother’s expectations or their mother in-laws and their needs are trampled.  Most of all as a Mom should I not be respected and thanked throughout the year not just when the media reminds ‘you’ that you have a mother.  Unless you are a father with young kid’s the husband should not be required to do something for his wife that is what anniversaries are for to show thankfulness and love for each other this allows the husband to spend time with his mother.

Floral Department where I work is routinely busier day on Mother’s Day than Valentines.  But to do this they have to work twelve hour days for four days. Several of them are mom’s.  To put a perspective on the amount of people remembering Mother’s Day is staggering.  A second vehicle is rented and a department that normally has one to two staff daily had five to six staff for four days from 7 am to 10 pm.  All just to handle the work flow.

Here is my thought is instead of making a big deal of a made up day why don’t we thank our mom’s or help our mom’s in all they do daily.  If Mom likes flowers pick up one or two of her favorite on any old day and give them to her and say thank you.  Stop by her house or if still at home do a project that she daily does before she does or she asks you to.  Pop over and ask her to lunch or if she works make arrangements with her boss to take her to a long lunch on any of the three hundred sixty-four days of the year.  Mothers are always here let’s strive to respect and love as a constant not a once a year event.

So, what did you do this Mother’s Day? Opps, let’s try this again what are your ideas for randomly offering thanks to your Mom without prompting?

THANK YOU to all those that worked up to and during the chaos of Mother’s Day.

Hourly Employee Random Observations, Thoughts, and Perspective

Coming from the thoughts of an hourly employee of the American Corporate Machine.  Have been working for twenty plus years in retail food service industry have noticed a decrease in how many employees there are to customers. Additionally, prices for consumers are increasing.  This decrease and increase I perceive began as our hourly wage (example Ohio starting wage 2007 $5.25 – 2015 $8.25).  My concern is that with many states striving to enforce companies to pay a minimum wage of $15.00 over the next 2 to 4 years.  Can the consumer and the corporate structure truly support the increase.  If the minimum increases so does all of the other wages above minimum increase, or they are supposed.  Yes, having an increase in salary be nice visually but really and truly am I gaining anything by my state forcing my employer to increase my pay when I can no longer easily gain full time work in the industry I have always been in. The food or entertainment I enjoy increases to cover the cost of the employee that is providing the service I am using. Additionally, amount of team members I have to work with on a shift decreases to support the increase in money the company I work for is paying out.

Other aspects of company cost that have a tendency to build up is couponing, double couponing, fuel perks, courtesy card discounts or points.  All of these ‘freebies’ are not free the money to cover these ‘freebies’ has to be covered by the company.  With all these accumulating costs over the next five years where will the hourly employee be part time or full time or un employed due to the corporate structure consolidating as seen with Kohl’s, Walmart, and other big companies in 2016.  For those that comment on forms of Social Media that customer service does not exist.  Here are some thoughts the employees have to work with less co-workers to do the same work they did in previous years.  When a company had six staff on the floor to provide “excellent” customer service; now they only are scheduled one or two employees.  Many are part time and cannot obtain full time hours that their family budget needs.

For those consumers out there that get frustrated and impatient with long lines.  From personal experience get used to it.  In many locations in the retail and food service industry those lines will only increase as the demand for higher minimum wages increase means the leadership of corporate structure will need to reduce cost and that will be at the register, counter, or the method of production.  The increases are sadly in my perception a done deal but as consumers strive to keep in mind that the people that are waiting on you are people to and that having to interact with rude and impatient people day in and day out become tiring.  To put it in a visual picture the ‘family’ member that everyone avoids do you want to interact with that individual on a daily basis.  Think of this when you are impatient or rude with an employee at your favorite shopping location.  That employee has to deal with short tempered, angry people hour upon hour there is no walking away when you are at a counter, table, or register.  Yes, as a consumer you should not be treated rudely but are you treating the worker with respect as well.