Unsure What to Title

For many years I have been creative, but when as a young person starting my parents fell apart as I was going into my early twenties. In them falling apart, I did not have the support to power through my anxiety and depression and put myself out there with my creativity. I always found excuses, and when I did do something, I was too critical. For the last five years, I have waffled back and forth on drawing and putting them on the web. Again internal monologue of being a failure at everything you do not have any talent kept repeating.

That failure repeat monologue I am striving to stop. I have taken some of my sketches and phrases and created a Teespring account and a Facebook page, which is a chuckle because this is the absolute worst time to start a storefront. I wouldn’t be me if I did not decide to do something with a challenge to my depression and anxiety. 

Random Observations Teespring

The hope is to upload on a daily or bi-daily with my ideas, in the beginning, then as creativity strikes. Do know my anxiety and depression are taking a hit. I have not posted this as publicly select friends on Facebook and this website. But really, my goal is to prove I can be creative again, and I can push through obstacles that may take me time. With time comes success.

Unsure where this will go, but it is an outlet for my creativity that I have not allowed to show for awhile. Should it make money great, I will pay off my mortgage faster. Indeed it is a creative outlet that I had let my anxiety and depression put a stop to, and I finally said enough.

I am still working on my web design, so bear with me as I figure all this out. Thank you to those that take the time to read.  

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