Weekly Review 6/29-7/3/2020

I started this at 330 am on Friday, had an insomnia night.  I cannot take the medication because it is too late and allow me to function at work in four hours. Figured I would start my review early instead of Saturday as usual.  

I had a great week and was able to walk 2 miles with my daughter Tuesday and Thursday.  It made me super tired the next day but was able to add walking, which was great.  This Friday, I finally received a C-Pap machine again; unfortunately, they will not allow me to use my old ones.  These are expensive, it is close to $800, and that is with insurance.  Okay, going to stop that thought review medical and insurance lack of coverage frustrates me. Side note still trying to find somewhere to donate my two old ones, Was suggested to contact the VA (Veterans Affairs), has not heard from anyone.

With the hope this time, the machine will help me sleep through the night, the last two did not.  Between the apnea and depression, my energy is limited.  Should this work where I truly start to declutter and Anxiety wise do I lay myself bare and show my real journey of hoarding/clutter?  So many ideas, but my brain keeps short-circuiting on the way to proper completion.  Well, slightly tired, so hopefully I can sleep for an hour and pick this review back up on Saturday like I usually do.

Well did not succeed in picking up working on the review Saturday.  Unsure if this decrease in energy is the 90-degree weather with no air conditioner or the fact that my body is adjusting to a little more sleep.  We will see as the week goes forward.

I have to say that I feel successful.  I was able to add walking, got another four boxes of stuff donated, and shifted some furniture around to determine if I was going to keep or give some furniture pieces.  Light week for my Anxiety and depression, which is excellent.  Part of it, I think, was going back to limiting my news watching and trying not to fix a culture schism that I have little direct contact with for a real change.  Additionally, I was able to add more exercise and time with my daughter to my time.

Short but do not have much to review from this week except I did finally also put together what I have for a posting on Anxiety and scripture that I have been scared to post.  Scared to insult due to how we all walk our lives differently, but if I live my life scared to present my ideas, I might stop now.  Which is honestly not something I want to do.  I have found great enjoyment in putting my thoughts and creativity on paper.  Have a great week, and we will see how this one moves forward since my area of the world is having another 90 degrees weather week.

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