Consequences of the pandemic on the paycheck to paycheck segment of society that our federal and upper state politicians seem to ignore, but at least associations are trying to help or bring attention to the oncoming problem.   

60 Minutes: A wave of evictions is on the horizon. What impact could they have on kids’ education? – 11/22/2020

In previous writing, I have strived to write as Bi-Partisan of politics as I could. Childishly would like our government not to be as involved in everything I do as a lower to a middle-class citizen. On the other hand, I would like them to monitor or make decisions to oversee and make changes to corporations, which would benefit entry-level employees. Things like benefits, pay, safety, and cost of products and services. What has prompted this was the childish snipping from both sides of the political area through the media. One of the most recent media presentations that have bothered me the most with Biden and Harris on the cover of People Magazine – “It’s Time for America to Unite.”  

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Keep seeing the cover when I am at work. What keeps coming to me if politicians and the media want us to unite and are better than us should show us how teamwork is and pass laws that help all Americans, not just their pet projects and corporate financial backers. Action is better than talk, and I do not see anything positive from either side. Stop looking to the Lobbyists to tell you what to vote and pass. Communicate and listen to people that are not part of the political arena.  

As our country tries to rebuild, an idea for the coming year is to speak to the Credit Card, Mortgages, Hospitals, and Student Loan Companies. Find out what the total outstanding balances are. Instead of paying out a large portion of the money to citizens like the previous twelve thousand, it is a pay-off customer balance to the companies directly. The idea would allow the corporations to pay their employees and the American people to start fresh. It would have to be to pay the balances, not increase the pay of the CEOs.   CEO compensation has grown 940% since 1978. Typical worker compensation has risen only 12% during that time Report • By Lawrence Mishel and Julia Wolfe • August 14, 2019. Part of why our government needs to look at the corporate upper echelon to determine financial excess. How can a company justify paying the fired CEO millions of dollars? I get fired and have to look for a new job with no money. Moving forward with my lack of faith in corporate structure and lack of hope in our government helping the people that voted them in and support for fixing the chaos and financial drain this ‘pandemic’ has brought to our country.

Another article I ran across was from The Wall Street Journal. Joe Biden Vows to Unite America as President Sabrina Siddiqui, Michael C. Bender 11/8/2020. I guess part of me feels that if he was about unification, he should have been networking behind the scenes with the politicians that knew him to work with and compromise. Additionally, why did both sides of the political parties stop helping the American people just because of the election? I ran across an article that reinforces that politicians have a dim view of Americans’ bulk or uneducatedBLOG Pelosi: Trump Supporters Aren’t Uneducated, They’re Just Really Sad’ By Craig Bannister | October 22, 2020, | 2:05 pm EDT; did we not vote for professionals that could work around the childish behaviors of their fellow politicians; or even contribute to the verbiage.

Another article I have found is an NYTimes Article, The End of ‘America First’: How Biden Says He Will Re-engage With the World. I came away from this article that the international scene concentrated on and that we are to forget about what it means to be American. Another aspect of this was that everything is Trump’s, the Republican or Democratic party’s fault. My understanding is that we are a country where our political parties are to work together. Yes, Trump said things he should have not and was extremely unprofessional here as an article about 4 American presidents with Trump-like traits. Politics December 28, 2016, 12:26 pm EST. We have had unprofessional presidents before that is the price of democracy and for the benefit of all and not get bogged down in pointing fingers. As individuals, let’s start being accountable for our thoughts and actions instead of blaming our efforts on a President, politicians, celebrity, or the mob mentality. 

Reading the media, I am concerned about what the next four years will bring. The continued backbiting and negative comments to put down the individual voting parties. We are a country that needs our politicians to compromise and vote as a unit to support ALL people. Restructure corporations, so they stop sending jobs overseas and not paying for equipment to be fixed. Additionally, they do not provide enough safety equipment even though the paperwork says they have, caring for those who need medical and physical assistance, and stop paying themselves lavishly. Return manual labor jobs to our country so the next pandemic, we are not waiting for other countries’ shipments. Bills allowing jobs to transfer to other countries happened throughout our years in a democracy. One was with a Democratic President and political party; How Bill Clinton Sent Manufacturing Jobs to China By Michael Bargo, Jr.  

Trying to point out that no one party’s at fault for the low economy, fractured racism, dysfunctional medical, dental, eye insurance and providers, or current COVID-19 scare. I will return to my safety net of lurking but not always fully engaging on the political front. Part of this, I want a brief awareness of the bills considered. Being fully involved in monitoring the political arena by watching CCN, CSPAN, Fox News, and other political commentaries become agitating and anxiety-inducing and exacerbates the typical person’s chaos. When politicians speak, they are condescending, pointing fingers, and out of touch with what is needed to help our country as a whole, so we are back to be proud to be an American, and this has been a decline for the last ten years, not the previous four. But it is one of the reasons that may have prompted Americans to vote for Trump initially.

As Americans, we are a collage of many races, practices, beliefs, religions. As individuals, let’s not wait for the political parties to tell us what to do. We are adults, and it is time to start living as we have taught our children. Teaching our children to work for what they have, succeed in what makes them happy. Follow the health rules in place that keep us safe. Take care of those that are less fortunate to show them how they can contribute. Contributions to our society can be big or small. Let’s stop looking at the skin color, religious belief, financial, or political party. We are a puzzle broken as individuals. We can start fitting into other puzzle pieces and begin to reframe American to greatness from the ground floor.

An example of finding a problem and fixing a piece of a life puzzle

News 5 Cleveland, OH – Oberlin professor creates app to help her son and others cope with chronic pain 11/26/2020 

News 5 Cleveland, OH -500 meals, blessing packages pulled together in two weeks during local campaign 11/26/2020

Celebrating Cultural Diversity – Daily Prayer

Faith Walk:

Found this Tony Evans piece a part of our college or puzzle piece that makes up the racism. Somebody can put the description toward all components of living. 

Tony Evans – Contradictions in American Christianity – Oneness Embraced Book Excerpt Reading by Tony Evans

Yes, Dr. Tony Evans is speaking about racism, but it honestly feels it is for many of the divisions we find ourselves trying to control a small part of the world around us. Let’s stop trying to contain the big picture and control ourselves around the things we can control. May this find you well.

Race and Reconciliation (Sermon Only, Dr. Tony Evans) – 12/2/2020

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